Elite Creature Collectibles/Cinemaquette-Little Groot Maquette



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Elite Creature Collectibles/Cinemaquette-Little Groot Maquette


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“We are Groot.” In 2014, Marvel Studios’ blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Took the world by storm with its quirky blend of comedy and sci-fi action. The dancing Little Groot was one of the most memorable scenes in the movie. Elite Creature Collectibles now presents this Little Groot 1:1 scale statue. The movie accurate Little Groot features a highly detailed head and body with remarkable paint application to capture his distinctive appearance. You never know, when you’re not looking at him, he just might dance! 


Approximately 16 inches in height. 

Highly detailed paint application. 

Comes with 3 removable facial expressions. 

Acrylic teeth. 

Themed plant-pot base. 

Movie accurate Little Groot recreated from Marvel’s original digital file. 

Limited in production to 500 units worldwide.

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Weight 25 kg