Elite Creature Collectibles/Cinemaquette-Marcus 1/1 Bust



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Elite Creature Collectibles/Cinemaquette-Marcus 1/1 Bust


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“Not Lycans or Vampires. A new race created by the image of their maker, their new God, Me!”


As the original Vampire Elder and the ancestor of all Vampires, Marcus Corvinus is the main antagonist of Underworld: Evolution. His powers are superior to the rest of his kind, including Viktor and Amelia. His transformation into a Hybrid greatly enhanced his already formidable powers and granted him the ability to transform into a demonic-looking beast with bat-like features. With complete control over his transformation, he can turn only his hand into a claw or form a pair of bat-like wings, which can deploy and retract into his back. Don’t dare lie to him… he can read your memories by drinking your blood!!


Elite Creature Collectibles is delighted to announce its 1:1 scale Marcus bust from the movie Underworld Evolution. Marcus was designed by Patrick Tatopoulos and sculpted by Steve Wang.


Approximately 28 inches in height.

Approximately 20 inches in width.

Approximately 14 inches in depth.

Cast in high-quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect.

Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Sculptors Steve Wang and Miyo Nakamura.

Limited in production to 500 units worldwide.

Estimated shipping: 2016 Q4.

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