Imaginarium Art-Iron Man Mark 42 1/2 Statue



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Imaginarium Art-Iron Man Mark 42 1/2 Statue


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Also called the Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit,  due to its ability to fly in separate segments then wrap itself to Tony Stark piece by piece.  Subcutaneous Chips implanted in Starks’s forearms allow him to communicate mentally with the armor, and can command the armor even from long distances.  Unlike its predecessors, the Mark 42 has a more dominant gold color scheme.  However, it sports a darker red hue and lighter color for the gold colored plating.  Its appearance is also reverse of the previous armors – red plates became gold and gold plates became red.


  • LED Lighting: Eyes, Chest, Palm


Formats Museum Masterline
Series Iron Man
Scale 1/2 Scale
Product Code IAMK421/2
Product Size Approx. H:105.4cm W:55cm D:55cm
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 1
Product Weight Approx. 55kg
Material Polystone-Fibre Glass

Limited edition !!!

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Weight 75 kg