Infinity Studio-One Piece: Issho Fujitora 1/6 Statue



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Infinity Studio-One Piece: Issho Fujitora 1/6 Statue


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Infinity Studio is proud to present our hottest One Piece statue Fujitora! Fujitora the admiral of Marines, he has eaten the Stomp-Stomp Fruit (Zushi Zushi no Mi), which is a Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate gravitational forces at will. This polystone statue features an elaborate but detailed motion with amazing painting, restore the scene that Fujitora sending out an attractive gravity force into space. His cape which was emblazoned “Justice” sweeps behind him in a dramatic arc. Don’t hesitate and let Issho fight its way into your collection!

Product Dimensions:63cm x 43cm x 46cm   (LxWxH )

Limited edition 399 !!!

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Weight 65 kg