Infinity Studio-Flying Princess Crane 1/5 Statue Deluxe Version



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Infinity Studio-Flying Princess Crane 1/5 Statue Deluxe Version


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The Flying Princess Crane is the fourth product of Infinity Studio’s “Elegant Beauties Series”, the original design came from Rocky L., founder of Infinity Studio. The statue is based on concepts of “flying apsaras” from traditional cultures, besides, the art style of Alphonse Mucha was also introduced into this Chinese theme statue. The action is lively and relaxing, with an exotic atmosphere, beautiful with a perfect curve. The flying princess crane is a creative fusion of varied art styles, Rocky L. captured the dancing scene of this princess, turn her gorgeous clothing and dynamic pose into this artwork.

The Deluxe Edition includes an LED-lit base and special gift screen


  • Materials: Polystone


Formats Premium Masterline
Flying Princess Crane
Scale 1/5
Product Code INFFLPRNCSS-1/5D 
Product Size Approx. H:50.6cm W:32.4cm D:24.2cm  
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 1
Product Weight Approx. 12.0kg
Material Polystone and other materials

Limited edition 200 !!!

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Weight 35 kg