Prime 1 Studio-Batman:The Dark Knight Returns (Comics) Superman



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Prime 1 Studio-Batman:The Dark Knight Returns (Comics) Superman


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“The rest of us learned to cope. The rest of us recognized the danger–of the endless envy of those not like us. The normal people. The weak. Diana went back to her people. Hal went to the stars. And I have walked the razor’s edge for so long… But you, Bruce–you, with your wild obsession. You never learned to let it all go.”

Prime 1 Studio is excited to present the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Comics Superman Statue!

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is a Batman comic book miniseries written and drawn by Frank Miller and published by DC Comics from February to June 1986.

The Superman Statue has a sculpted blue costume with textured elements and red and yellow accents, including the beautifully crafted iconic red cape. Made with a great attention to details Superman’s facial expressions tells the history of war and hardship that he needs to confront. It also comes with a Kryptonite Arrow which was fired by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the story. The base is inspired by the image of the Bat-Tank that appeared in the story as well.

Don’t miss out to add this stunning Superman Statue to your DC collections!


  • Statue Size approximately 35 inches tall [H:87.8cm W:57.6cm D:58.9cm]
  • One (1) designed base
  • Two (2) Regular Portraits (Normal, Clenched Jaw)
  • Two (2) Interchangeable Left Hands Set (Open Palm, Clenched Fist)
  • Two (2) Interchangeable Right Hands Set (Clenched Fist, Clenched Fist Holding Kryptonite Arrow)


Formats Museum Masterline
Series Batman:The Dark Knight Returns
Scale 1/3 Scale
Product Code MMDCDK3-02
Product Size Approx. H:87.8cm W:57.6cm D:58.9cm
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 2
Product Weight Approx. 27.9kg
Material Polystone and other materials
EAN 4582535940588

Limited edition 100 !!!

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