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Queen Studios-Hulk 1/1 Life Size Bust


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After being exposed to gamma radiation during an experiment gone wrong, Bruce Banner underwent a genetic mutation that would change the course of his life forever. Whenever Bruce is upset, angry, or in danger, he transforms into one of the most powerful beings on Earth. Banner becomes a 9 feet tall, green-skinned super powerful man-beast known as Hulk.

Creating a 1:1 bust of the Hulk isn’t easy. This guy is huge! But we do not shy away from a challenge. Despite his size, our sculptors have managed to capture his angry expression. His nose is crinkled, his mouth is snarling, and he’s ready to smash!

The Hulk’s body was the hardest thing to get right. We couldn’t use all of his shoulders as he’s heavy already. Besides, not everyone can display him at his current size, imagine if he were bigger. His body is made of the same medical grade silicone as his head, but there’s more of a matte finish. The Hulk has been in a few battles over the years and we wanted to show it. Finally, the customized base is strong and sturdy enough to carry this beast of a bust.



Formats Premium Masterline
Scale 1/1 
Product Code QSHLK-1/1
Product Size Approx. H:66.6cm W:72.4cm D:52.2cm  
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 2
Product Weight Approx. 34.0kg
Material Polystone and other materials

Limited edition 366 !!!

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Weight 55 kg