Queen Studios-Iron Man Mark 50 1/1 Life Size Statue



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Queen Studios-Iron Man Mark 50 1/1 Life Size Statue


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The Mark 50 armour first appeared on the silver screen in “Avengers 3: Infinity War”. As Tony Stark’s fiftieth armour, the MK50 is more advanced than previous versions due to the its innovative nano-technology. The nano-tech allows Tony to store the entire armour inside of his newest arc reactor decreasing his greatest vulnerability, and allowing him to join the fight as Iron Man in seconds. The suit as a whole posses many other incredible new functions thanks to the nano-tech, including a whole array of weaponry and gadgets.

The Queen Studios 1:1 Mark 50 Life-Size statue is carefully crafted using the most advanced sculpting and painting techniques. The final result is a movie accurate limited edition statue inspired by Tony Stark’s 50th suit of armour. Each statue is painstakingly sculpted to showcase the sleek design and intricate detailing in the metallic red, gold and silver trim. As Iron Man stands atop a custom base with his fists clenched while gazing into the distance heroically, he’s ready to take centre stage in your collection!

Since we first saw Iron Man in 2008, Tony Stark’s armours have become cinematic icons in their own right. The armours’ have become so iconic, fans can recognise them from only a silhouette, or the glow from the eyes and arc reactor.To capture the essence of the MK50, the Queen Studios team have included light-up functions scattered throughout the suit, as well as in the chest and helmet. Finally, each bust comes with a customized name plate to make this collectible even more of a treasure.


  • Material: Polystone
  • Features: Internal lighting and customizable nameplate


Formats Premium Masterline
Iron Man
Scale 1/1
Product Code QSIMMK50-1/1L
Product Size Approx. H:216.6cm W:112.4cm D:112.2cm
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 3
Product Weight Approx. 95.7kg
Material Polystone and other materials

Limited edition 66 !!!

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Weight 155 kg