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We use the information stored in “cookies” files for advertising and statistical purposes and for better functioning of the website to suit the individual needs of users.

Trade secret

The secrecy is obvious. The same basic principles apply in everyday transactions and in the case of electronic commerce. All information transmitted by the user / member in GScollectibles is confidential and GScollectibles has taken all the necessary steps to use them only to the extent necessary in the context of service. The GScollectibles not disclose customer information and transactions, unless written authorization from you or this court order or decision of any public authority. If the GScollectibles uses third parties to support its systems, ensure the guarantee of confidentiality. You can request any information held about you and correct them if you can document the existence of error. For your own safety, you will also have to handle all the information provided through the service as confidential and secret and not to make any disclosure to third parties.

Secure Transactions

The GScollectibles recognizes the importance of the issue of security of your personal information and your online transactions and take all necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods to ensure maximum safety. All information related to your personal information and transactions are secure and confidential.


Payment by credit card or PayPal is an absolutely secure payment method for our customers. The GScollectibles company will never have knowledge of your card information or your account. For the payment of the order, you redirect the National Bank Of Greece web site or respectively on the PayPal website without coming into contact in any way with the information and data of your credit / debit card. This information is given by you to use encrypted connection to the bank XXX or PayPal through their secure transaction systems.


When browsing the pages of and to order products, but also to ensure the ability to contact you to inform you of our new products, you may ask you to indicate your information (name , occupation, address, etc.). Any personal data anywhere on the pages and services of the website of, intended solely to ensure the operation of the service and from any party may not be used without complying with the provisions of Law . 2472/97 on the protection of personal data, as in force each time. Electronic store operates in accordance with applicable Greek and EU legislation and maintain security of your personal data for as long as you are registered with a service are deleted after expiration in any way of trading relationship. The personal data you store in electronic used exclusively by or affiliated with this business, to support, promote and execute the trading relationship. The holdings data file may be communicated to the competent judicial, administrative and other legal authorities upon request and in accordance with the pertinent legislation. The customer, within the secrecy of telecommunications law, media rights and refusal provided for in Articles 11-13 of Law. 2472/1997.

The information we ask you:

Each visitor can browse through the online store without giving any personal information. We will need your personal information only when you join and create a user account. At this stage you will be asked only your e-mail in which you if you agree to receive our informative e-mails. If you make a custom then you will need to register and information relating to your transaction with us. Required and necessary for each transaction is your name, a fixed or mobile phone, address (street, city, ZIP code), order shipping address and document type (receipt, invoice).

  1. Prices
    -Prices may change without notice
  2. Cancellation and returns
    -the deposits of 20% and 30% for all products after the cancellation the deposit is not refundable and can not be placed in another product.
    -in case the product for some reason canceled by us or the manufacturer, the repayment of advances, normally.
    –GSCOLLECTIBLES is not responsible for any changes for any reason, transport costs, tax, from the construction company, from the suppliers, in case of cancellation of the order, no payments and advance payments are reimbursed.
  3. Availability
    -preorder-are available for a limited time, the details can be found in the respective advertisement.
    -in stock/ship after 7 days-the product needs 6-7 days from the settlement in order to come to our store and be uploaded to the customer.
    -in stock/ready to ship– The product is in store and will be sent within 2-3 days.
    -on request-It is possible after consultation quest for a product that the customer wishes.
    -sold out-the item is out, it is likely to be available again.
  4. Delivery-cancel and returns
    -Transport costs occur depending upon the dimensions, the weight of the package and the mission area, as well as company courier parcel.
    -We use in Europe UPS/DHL/Hellenic Post/Elta Courier
    – in Greece with Hellenic Post/ELTA Courier
    -about worldwide shipments,we use UPS/DHL/Hellenic Post/Elta Courier
    -The recipient will be informed by what company will become the shipment-the packages will there always tr.number
    -any damage caused during the transport is responsible the recipient-After consultation can become insurance of parcels
    -about oversize boxes:Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight is needed to determine those costs. Both are unknown at this point and may not be available until the product arrives in our warehouse.
    -Products are new.
    -the products presented on request, may be second hand and would-existing information
    -in the case of factory defect the product may be returned within five days and become replacement of the product if available, otherwise a full refund without covering transportation .The return costs of the parcel covered by the customer Also feasible issue of a credit and be used in another order.
    -for any delay arrival parcel or other bookings in customs charges and international regulations not accountable the GScollectibles.

5.Payment methods
We accept Paypal as a payment method which we will charge your payment within 48 hours no matter your order is in stock or on pre-order.
2.accepts credit / debit card
Worldpay ( credit / debit card) as payment methods at the time you place your order at our site.

  1. Ownership of rights
    All rights, including copyright, in this website are owned by or licensed to GScollectibles. Any use of this website or its contents, including copying or storing it or them in whole or part, other than for your own personal, non commercial use, is prohibited without our permission. You may not modify, distribute or repost anything on this website for any purpose.