Reward Points

Members can earn Reward Points by purchasing products on our website or through the use of our Service.
Eligibility for Reward Points as well as the number of Points earned will vary depending on the product.
Reward Points will be awarded following the finalization and shipment of a product. Reward Points will not be awarded for orders that have been canceled or returned during this period. If the final price of an order is adjusted, earned will be adjusted accordingly.
Members acknowledge that the acquisition, the number of Reward Points, and all matters related to Reward Points are determined at the discretion of GS Collectibles .

Members may use Reward Points towards the payment of an order at a rate of 1 point to 0.01 euro.
In some cases, conditions or limitations may be applied to the use it.
Reward Points will generally be refunded if an order is canceled. Cash refunds are not offered in exchange for Reward Points
Members may not exchange points for cash under any circumstances.
cannot be used for deposits, taxes, or shipping fees.

Members acknowledge may be considered nonrefundable or invalid in the case of a return or cancellation at the discretion of GS Collectibles .
Part or all of the Reward Points owned by a member may be removed if a member falls under any of the following categories (1) illegal or fraudulent activity (2) violation of the Point Rules, Membership Rules, and other rules and regulations established by GS Collectibles (3) a Member loses their membership (4) Any reason at the sole discretion of .
GS Collectibles will not provide compensation or assume responsibility for any points that have been removed or expired.

Coupons issued by GS Collectibles may have various limitations including the quantity of use, period of use, discount amount, available products, etc.
Coupons will be available through promotional events. Coupons may not apply to some products. Multiple coupons may not be used for the same purchase.
Coupons used after the expiration date and/or exceeding a certain amount of use will not be valid.
GS Collectibles may cancel some or all coupons or restrict the use of coupons if a member falls under any of the following. Canceled coupons will not be refunded for any reason.
The condition or requirement of a coupon is no longer fulfilled due to the cancelation or refund of an order.
Illegal or fraudulent activity
Conduct or activity that significantly impairs the relationship or trust with the member
Violation of the rules and so on as stipulated by GS Collectibles
GS Collectibles will not assume responsibility or provide compensation etc. for any coupons that are either canceled or expired.

GS Collectibles may change the contents of the terms and conditions (including but not limited to the suspension or removal of Reward Points, change of transaction, adjustment to the rate of Reward Points earned or usage rates, invalidation of coupons, or change of contents) without prior notice. GS Collectibles is not liable for damages or loss of any kind incurred by members as a result of any changes described above.

The Point Rules may be changed, revised, or terminated without prior notice.

If you have any issue , please check Terms & Conditions or contact us .